North Bay Silver Lab houses a 400 sq foot darkroom facility with private instruction by a master printer with 20 years of experience. We offer basic, advanced and mural printing courses for the beginner and advanced amateur photographer. Pro photographers from across the country have utilized our facility to make museum quality prints over the last two decades. Our facility houses the following equipment:

Darkroom Workshops

North Bay Silver Lab

421 Walnut Street Suite 180

Napa, CA 94559

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  • Omega D5XL enlarger with an Oriental Cold Light Diffusion Head (Closed Loop)

  • Six 40 x 50 stainless steel sinks

  • Three vertical archival print washers (up to 30x40 sheets of paper)

  • 240 square feet of drying racks for fiber print drying

  • Electrostatic Film Drying Cabinet

  • Ilford 2150 Ilfo-lab for RC proof printing in under 60 seconds

  • Rollma 50 inch electric roll paper cutter

  • Four bladed enlarging easels up to 30x40 inches

  • Nikkor and Schneider enlarging lenses from 50mm to 150mm focal lengths

  • Finger touch water temperature control and a Zone VI Compensating Developing Timer

  • Gra Lab timers at each sink workstation

  • Wall to wall rubber floor matts and a 660 watt filtered air exchange system for hours of air quality comfort during extended darkroom sessions

  • Quality Sound System for your audio pleasure.

Darkroom Rate Schedule:

  • $100 orientation fee for first timers (1hr)
  • $50/1st hr
 + $15 each additional hr
4-hour minimum
$50 chem fee for developer or fix (5-gallons each)
  • 2150 Ilfo-lab RC Print Processor ($90 chem fee)